29.05.23 - Kitchens

A portrait of Noble Hues

The book of kitchen portraits: Unit

Nestled at the foot of the Turin hills, this enchanting residence is surrounded and enhanced by a charming private garden, to which Unit adds a touch of glamour.

While the Vintage stainless steel of the Williamsburg cupboards and Rook table creates a striking contrast with the wood flooring and the surrounding natural setting outside, inside it’s the Unit collection that brings colour and freshness to the pristine interior spaces.

At the center of the kitchen stands the Unit island with an integrated snack area, creating a harmonious composition. The captivating Blu Fes Anodyc of the Shaker doors, adorned with a metallic effect lacquer, along with the aluminium structure, elegantly enhance the subtle grey tones of the Fior di Pesco engineered stone worktop.

The same marble, incorporating black Dressup Line, is found in the central compartment of the single-sided Unit Pocket, with Lantanio melamine doors. The upper cabinet features a characteristic seamless and uniform structure, while the Oi handles in Nickel Nero Lucido provide continuity between the island and the walls. The Platform table in the Castagno Grigio finish complete the arrangement.

This sophisticated colour scheme dominates the living area as well, with the Mobilis wall system also in Castagno Grigio and with “fiocine” and knobs in Nickel Lucido serving as intricate details that capture and reflect the light.

Meanwhile, the two Unit coffee tables highlight the delicate nuances of the Bianco Apuano engineered stone, with tops resting on a Magnolia lacquered structure.

But what attracts the most attention are the two Unit cupboards in Specchiato Cannettato glass, with contrasting black silk lacquered base and Nickel lacquered top and structure. The reflections created by this textured surface enhance the brightness of the entire arrangement and create an almost magical atmosphere, in perfect harmony with the period architectural decorations.